Who would be interested in a science write-a-thon? For charity, perhaps?

Update 1:13am: 18 hours and it seems like the post has circulated around. Still floating around only 10 or so responses, but a lot of page visits. That's enough for me to put something together. Even if it only works out one time, I think it'd be a good adventure. 

Update 1:15pm: Six hours in and it seems like around 10 people have some interest in the event. Some clarifications about what it could be: it doesn't have to be only writing! Really, the spirit/goal is to meet others you haven't yet to meet across the internet who also write (or draw, or video, etc) about science while trying to raise money for some sort of charity (which we haven't decided on yet). If we had 20 people and everyone raised $10 somehow/some way, that's $200 we could donate to something like a DonorsChoose project or a foundation for writing or science literacy or something. 

Still looking for people who want to help me brain storm and help behind-the-scenes.


One of my favorite bloggers, Psyc Girl, wrote a post about how much she didn't enjoy binge writing. Now, I do agree: binge writing is definitely not for everyone. Just like how some genres of music are not for everyone. Some people like metal. Some don't. Some people like writing for 9 hours at a time. Some people don't.

I, for one, participated in a binge writing session at 826 Valencia in San Francisco. I sat and wrote for hours -- over 9 hours I believe. It was labeled as a "Write-a-thon" and we all got cute racing bibs and we all wrote and tried to raise money for 826.

Some people crowdfunded money for their short stories or fiction pieces. Some people donated out of pocket. I did contract writing for anyone and everyone who wanted a piece and matched the money I was donated.

Psyc Girl's post reminded me of that event and I wondered if anyone would be interested in a science write-a-thon? Or at least, help me try to arrange one?

I figure it doesn't need a lot of rules -- show up (check in online), donate to a pool, then we donate the total to a pre-determined charity (or charities). If we got science companies to help donate swag, we might be able to package gift bags or something for participants who donate/generate X amount of dollars (the 826 write-a-thon gave away some things like notepads and pens and mugs).

Anyone interested in participating or helping? Let me know in the comments, Twitter, or email. I think it'd be kind of awesome and fun!

Also, if anyone has a better name (I don't really want to rip off "write-a-thon") please suggest!

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