Goodbye, True Brain

I hope this is less of an attempt at being something big and more of an attempt at being something honest. I wrote that in May 2013. At that time, I had recently left behind being a music journalist to pursue a Ph.D in experimental

True Brain year-end stats and top posts

Another year! Year-end stats This year I saw 16,508 unique visitors to the site. This is up from 10,129 from last year (my first full year, I saw 7,107 visitors). My percentage of new vs returning was relatively similar (16% returning, 86% new this year;

Dissertation Year: Day 87 -- IRB, proposal, pilot

This is a blog series on my (hopefully) final graduate school year, detailing my dissertation project from beginning (ish) to end. Read my last day here Go to the next day here! Check out all my other days here TL;DR IRB and my RAs are all

My future of #scicode, live coding, live sciencing

I had a good time streaming. And it seems as though the audience also had a good time. Our first stream averaged 7 viewers. The second stream averaged 8 viewers. The third stream averaged 10 viewers. The fourth averaged 7 viewers. That's relatively consistent --