From Start to Finish: What Goes Into a Study — Day 82


This series of posts is documenting the journey of my first first-author project, from the infancy of the research through publishing. I am highlighting the major checkpoints of the project -- when things move forward or backward -- rather than a daily update because that would seriously be boring. Just about all the content discussed will be directly related to the project I'm working on.

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Day 82: NSF GRFP draft submitted to my advisors

Between our IRB getting rejected and the semester starting, my advisor Dr. Jordan has been very busy with an ongoing study, her class she's teaching, undergraduate research and also expecting a baby in the coming weeks (woo hoo!) so this IRB protocol for the EEG equipment and also my project has been sort of on the back burner. Then, early last month, we decided it would be good for me to try and apply for the NSF GRFP. She believes my currently proposed study would be competitive in being awarded a GRFP, so over the last few weeks I reworked my initial proposal into something more NSF-ish and have submitted it to her. Of course, just because we are working on this NSF GRFP together doesn't mean she still isn't extremely swamped with all these other factors -- but it does mean we have a strict deadline to work against. And my other letter writers want to review the documents I'm submitting and give feedback as well.

Me and Dr. Jordan both discussed that this NSF GRFP process will sort of bump the IRB protocol back into view for us. I'm shooting for IRB approval by December.

I also have taken in three new research assistants! Which is definitely a first for me. All three are interested in learning more about EEG and cognitive neuroscience so I will be training them and including them on this project (assuming that they want to be included on this project). Two of the three research assistants I'm hoping to have included on this blog, posting about literature they find interesting and other science-things, so that's exciting for me. Hopefully it is also exciting for them. All three are thinking of pursuing graduate school, so I've definitely given them my talk about how EEG got me to grad school. Hoping they learn some valuable skills they can apply to whatever they are interested in.

Before November, I'll be posting my proposal for the world to see. That will sort of be a first glimpse into what my project is actually about (obviously, there's an EEG component in there) and hopefully it will also be a chance to get me some crowd-sourced feedback before I send it off.

Until then.

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