Balancing stress: March 20. Deep breaths...

This is a series on keeping track of my stress while also monitoring my work output (and hopefully not over-working myself). You can read about how this all started here. You can also find all other related posts by searching the "stress" tag here. For those wondering how I collect my data, that discussion can be found here.

Current data suggests

Typical positive affect
Very high negative affect (seek help)
Very high stress

Fear, guilt, hostility, sadness, and fatigue are two standard deviations above the typically accepted average range. Joviality and serenity are one standard deviation below the typically accepted range.

Workload: dissertation edits, poster building at the 11th hour

I submitted my dissertation edits this week. I really hope they are okay. This entire week has really stressed me out and I have been completely ignoring my New Years Resolution (to not work at home after I leave work). Obviously, with these exit document edits, I really couldn't let my personal short term goals get in the way of the reason I came out to Utah in the first place.

Also, we have a conference lined up first week of April that nearly no one is prepared for -- aside from a handful of folks. I am really stressed about having figures and captions ready before we send it into the poster queue.

Finally, a brief reprise has been from manuscript editing with my PI. We're hoping to format and send our manuscript off this week. It shouldn't be too much more work to get it into the right shape -- hoping that will be alright.

You have no idea how happy I am this document is sent off. Also, you have no idea how post-stressed I am about having edits back again on this document in due time...

Relaxation: literally none.

I haven't even been to the gym since I got back from my last conference a week ago. I just did groceries today -- I've been eating out or fast food since I got back because I have had no respect for my body in the midst of my proposal. I should definitely talk to someone about my "very high negative affect" because I am going to assume this is leading itself to some sort of breakdown.

This is generally when bad choices are made on my part. I am going to try and mitigate those bad choices this week.

On the docket

More manuscripts

Meetings with my PI and committee about manuscripts and dissertation document

Getting grant reviews back (............this is highly correlated with stress)

Planning for the summer

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