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What would fantasy neuroscience look like?

Last night, a few of us discussed fantasy neuroscience, which would be the absurd mix of turning neuroscience into a fantasy sport @neuromusic @Bashir9ist can we fantasy neuroscience yet? — Nick Wan (@nickwan) January 1, 2015 A few ideas were tossed around of how it would

On DIY neuroscience and "brain zapping"

Some days ago I saw this: Ugh “@ScienceNews: DIYers are zapping their brains to boost their gaming or beat depression:” — Nick Wan (@nickwan) October 31, 2014 To which I replied with: If you aren't properly trained to use tDCS or tACS you

The extremely brief history of handedness and neuroscience

I was hassled by an emeritus professor at a get-together over handedness, aka whether you are left-handed or right-handed (you can read some of the important parts of the conversation at the very end). He listed a myriad of reasons why "discriminating" against handedness was not appropriate

From Start to Finish: What Goes Into a Study -- Day 145

This series of posts is documenting the journey of my first first-author project, from the infancy of the research through publishing. I am highlighting the major checkpoints of the project — when things move forward or backward — rather than a daily update because that

Social dilemma games need a facelift

Social dilemma games have been usually taught in terms of word problems to math classes, since many of them stem from game theory and a finite way to calculate a "good" strategy. In theory, the way we play these social dilemma games are how we

Nature walks can increase attention tasks?

Recently, Peter Aspinall and his associates had their participants walk through a green space, a shopping street, and a commercial district with some Emotiv EEG caps on. They found that there were benefits of walking through the green space as opposed to the busier areas,