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#TomHanksTop5? A data science take!

With a heavy assist from my good data sci pal Justin Kiggins (@neuromusic), we threw together some data on the Twitter hashtag #TomHanksTop5. The hashtag is pretty simple: what are your top 5 movies with Tom Hanks as an actor? My personal 5 were: What!!

A Data Visualization of Fantasy Football Points per Position

Fantasy football season is upon us. For last-minute drafters, don't be enticed by overvaluing players or undervaluing your draft position. How can you tell when you're in either? Here's a draft breakdown and position breakdown for the 2015 Fantasy Football season to help you out. Assuming

This is my Soylent log

This isn't really new. There are tons of articles of folks documenting their "omg I did Soylent 'only' for X amount of days". I'm doing that too, but I'm going to be collecting more data on myself. Which is going to be pretty revealing about

Dissertation Year: Day 5 -- Grant management, IRB

This is a blog series on my (hopefully) final graduate school year, detailing my dissertation project from beginning (ish) to end. Read my last day here Go to the next day here! Check out all my other days here TL;DR -- I moved money around so