Things I did with my day off

It's a weird day off since I go back to work tomorrow, but here are some things I ended up doing -- making me feel like my life isn't jam packed with research: 1) Slept in until the PM. Hell yes. 2) Read some papers.

Social dilemma games need a facelift

Social dilemma games have been usually taught in terms of word problems to math classes, since many of them stem from game theory and a finite way to calculate a "good" strategy. In theory, the way we play these social dilemma games are how we

Nature walks can increase attention tasks?

Recently, Peter Aspinall and his associates had their participants walk through a green space, a shopping street, and a commercial district with some Emotiv EEG caps on. They found that there were benefits of walking through the green space as opposed to the busier areas,

Beast of a different color

  Probably not the best picture of me, but it's the only one I could find that was relevant. Here's a more updated picture of me from Mother's Day:   I was definitely blinking. Oh well. I was never one to be in front of