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#WhySciComm -- Why I #SciComm

A current hashtag on Twitter, #WhySciComm, echoes a lot of sentiments I've heard about science outreach, use of social media and education and whether there is value in spending so much time away from "real science". "Real science" being anything you're doing working towards a

Some things I've learned up to now about the NSF GRFP

Update 10/16/14 Dr. Muller-Parker refuted my previous claims in this post recently. So I've modified the previous posts to reflect what the NSF GRFP has in terms of on-record statistics. I previously said that there is possibly a higher rate of success if you were to

DNLee5 -- Stuff I think I think

Maybe the thing that I found most positive out of this entire ordeal is this video. Dr. Lee tells it straight on every level -- better than any analysis or hindsight shouldacouldas -- about her reasons, what people should take away from this as a

From Start to Finish: What Goes Into a Study — Day 82

This series of posts is documenting the journey of my first first-author project, from the infancy of the research through publishing. I am highlighting the major checkpoints of the project -- when things move forward or backward -- rather than a daily update because that

From Start to Finish: What Goes Into a Study -- Day 27

  If you missed the first two posts, check them out below: Day 1 Day 2 - 7 Check out the next update, Day 82, after this post! Day 27: Amendment rejected As many things go in life, the ideal isn't always the reality. Ideally, I would

Stuff I did wrong as an undergraduate research assistant

  I was extremely fortunate to be able to become an undergraduate research assistant multiple times. My first experience was doing prosections for my professor who was also the human anatomy professor. That same professor brought me into his wild mouse capture-and-release study as an

From Start to Finish: What Goes Into a Study -- Day 1

The majority of the people who I tweet with or who I know are well-versed in thinking up, proposing and completing a study. This won't really be too interesting to them. This might go unnoticed, but I figure it's a good way to document what