About True Brain

Disclaimer: I am a graduate student who does not represent the thoughts or ideas of Utah State University, the Cincinnati Reds, or any departments I may affiliate with professionally. Truly, these posts are of my doing and my responsibility, and not that of anyone else.

True Brain is a ramblings site for neuroscience, specifically human cognitive neuroscience, and things related to the realm of neuroscience and science in general.

If you were wondering about what this blog is supposed to achieve, Konnikova has a pretty solid write up about kids like me and blogging. Another science blogger, Bradley Voytek, once said a good use for social media in science is remembering to ground ourselves from time to time -- taking a step back and remembering what's the point? I'm not the only one who believes that science may have lost its way of storytelling, and a good recipe I've found from my previous blogging experiences is that the more you write casually about something (in this website's case, neuroscience), the more naturally it will read -- especially when it comes down to communicating science to others. Hopefully, in writing and discussing papers on this site, I'll be able to better hone my ability to write about science, particularly for use in papers, proposals, and education. In the long run at this website, I hope my informal writings and formal writings find and share a middle ground, to which is both comfortable and technical for all audiences and not just for those "in the know".

This page is probably always being updated. The last update here was February 2017!