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Me capping my old friend Kris Milland in my old lab at St. Mary's College of California


Probably not the best picture of me, but it's the only one I could find that was relevant. Here's a more updated picture of me from Mother's Day:



I was definitely blinking. Oh well. I was never one to be in front of the camera. And for a long time (since 2004), I've been behind a computer screen typing about indie music. I have a friend, Bryan Hernandez, who once told me the more engaged someone is with a topic (i.e. talking about it, writing about it, reading about it, becoming part of the community, etc.) the easier it is to 1) discuss about it (and communicate ideas) on a casual level and 2) find yourself doing more around it. With much success, that ended up happening to me with my last blog. So, I hope to have that happen here with this blog.

This will definitely be more of an interest-related blog (read: my interests) rather than an aggregation of pop cognitive neuroscience articles I'll have read and tried to review in my own terms. My last blog attempt was sort of that borderline between a tiny news source and trying to promote what was interesting. I hope this is less of an attempt at being something big and more of an attempt at being something honest.

Along the way, I'm hoping my friends I make and friends I've had in the neuro community jump on and blog on this site with me. As my previous experience showed, having a journal club of some sort really directs interests and develops some cool dissent. I'm interested in finding people like me who want to talk about science but find themselves lost in terms of how to begin talking about it. I found my "internet voice" over the last handful of years, and I hope I can translate that to science communication.

I'm hiding behind my good friend Brett. You can see my awkward nose.

I'm hiding behind my good friend Brett. You can see my awkward nose.

About me: My name is Nick Wan. I'm a cognitive neuroscientist. My skills are much aligned with EEG technique. I've dabbled with tDCS and will also begin learning and using NIRS in a few days from now. My current research is focused on communication disorders. My personal interests involve music processing, neuroeconomics, and (as of lately) developing education/training tools for mobile devices. I'd like to get into some neuroscience of space travel before the decade turns, but we'll see about that. Although, you have to admit... astroneuroscience sounds pretty sweet, right?

Hope to post somewhat frequently. I'm moving to my new home in Logan, Utah in 36 hours, so maybe a lab tour will be in order when I get there.

For more about this site, you can always check out the mission statement in the About section. You can also always check out my ever-evolving CV under the People section -- just click my name.

If you're new to me, welcome! Hope you enjoy.
If you're coming from some place I roamed before, I hope you stick around. I'm fun sometimes.

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