#SfN14 and alternative social media coverage

We are all familiar with Twitter and live-tweeting many of the talks and aspects of SfN, but I'm going to take a look at #SfN14 throughout a few different platforms you might not have expected.




Aside from Facebook, this is probably the 2nd most popular place for the #sfn14 hashtag. Most of the #sfn14 'grams had little to do with coverage (aside from the occasional picture of a poster) and more to do with sharing more personal things -- like dinners, swag, or SfN signs.

Yik Yak


A new, Twitter-like completely anonymous social medium, Yik Yak provides the microblogging experience Twitter has, with the upvote/downvote + reply community aspect that sites like Reddit have benefitted from, with a taste of invisibility that social media like Secret have made strides with.

All in all, it's really just a place of one liners and really really off-comments. Think of a place of all pseuds. That's Yik Yak but less helpful.

There is no real hashtag aspect of Yik Yak. Rather, it is specific to your location -- and while I was at the conference, I had a plethora of Yaks about SfN. Mostly about poor shuttle service, pointing out awkward obviouses during talks, or rallying impromptu socials.

This is an extremely interesting platform for conferences. I will try to look into this more at Cognitive Neuroscience Society this March.



You would think Twitter's video companion social network, Vine, would be fairly active but it just so happens that ZERO Vines used the #SfN14 hashtag. That's a bit surprising -- especially from some of the more social media inclined vendors. I personally used Vine to tweet some cool swag I got, but didn't attach it to the #SfN14 hashtag. Because of the 6-second limiting factor, I would imagine Vine would kind of a be a neat way to blitz-cover posters. Maybe that's something to look into for poster coverage?

I'd be interested in trying out some Vine coverage next conference I attend, just to see how it would be received. I think a 6-second study summary is a bit ridiculous, but could be kind of fun in terms of science communication.

Any others?

I didn't look into many other media -- these are three that I conveniently have on my phone. If you have any other platforms you found interesting to see #SfN14 posts on, leave a reply!

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