From Start to Finish: What Goes Into a Study -- Day 203: Training RAs pt 2

This series of posts is documenting the journey of my first first-author project, from the infancy of the research through publishing. I am highlighting the major checkpoints of the project — when things move forward or backward — rather than a daily update because that would seriously be boring. Just about all the content discussed will be directly related to the project I’m working on.

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Day 203: Training RAs part 2

Seven days have gone by and we've ran four participants so far. However, I am currently at a lull of participants (aka right handed friends) so the exciting data collection honeymoon is now over. We are currently in participant recruitment.

I suppose this is the most real exposure -- they had a taste of running participants and now the RA team is working towards finding participants to test. I'm in this process as well -- I'm no slouch. There's a more sophisticated online human participant database thingy called SONA and I've never used it before. I'm in the process of figuring that out.

Meanwhile, the new batch of RAs are actually pretty amazing. Go getters. One even tracked me down after hours to OK the recruitment flyer. Impressive. Their next step is preprocessing the collected data and then slowly learning R. Woo!

The experiment runs very smoothly. I've been rereading the literature it's based off of and always freak out a little bit when one of the tasks does not mimic exactly the original task. That's because newer literature suggested the task be updated. Now that I've written that down here, hopefully I remember it and not cause a panic.

Depending on how fast we can hit our target sample, we may be able to hit the SfN May 8th deadline! That will be awesome -- especially for the RAs. Then again, probably really scary for them too.

Also, the faster we can get through data analyses for this preliminary study, the faster I can release scripts and data!

Until next time y'all.

Check out the next day, Day 216.

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