Dissertation Year: Day 124 -- IRB, proposal, conference abstract

This is a blog series on my (hopefully) final graduate school year, detailing my dissertation project from beginning (ish) to end.

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TL;DR Things are coming together! Can't wait to collect my full dataset.

IRB protocol finally accepted!

I feel like I've been waiting forever. I have waited the entire fall semester, so that perhaps does mean forever in terms of wanting to pilot and perfect my study. I think I've done the best I could, pre-IRB (going through my own design, making sure event markers are executing correctly). Now that I have IRB in hand, with all of our cash advance ready to be picked up, I'm ready for a marathon of data collection.

Dissertation proposal meeting II set

This is the second meeting with my committee. My first meeting didn't go over well. After nearly 9 months since my last meeting, I have addressed all proposal questions and comments to the best of my ability and hopefully that will show in 8 days from now (apparently it does on my proposal document enough to where there are very few comments that need addressing).

Trying to put together enough pilot data and results for a conference abstract

I'm hoping to go to Human Brain Mapping in June to present my dissertation work. Abstracts are due in 8 days from this post and current results actually look pretty good. I'm really happy with the current preliminary results. I'm excited to get the rest of my dataset collected. But I'll have to wait for a few weeks -- won't be able to collect my data until January since there will be pretty much no one on campus to volunteer.


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