Twitch Creative #programming streaming update -- live coding in 2017!

Hi all,

I've been slowly building up towards the new stream content -- sorry if you have been waiting on an update. The last one had sort of a cliffhanger-ish vibe to it, so this is a short, more complete future itinerary.

Dissertation streams

Starting in January, I'm hoping to stream my pre-processing and analytics all on my Twitch channel. Checked in with IRB to make sure I can do this -- so long as the data is de-identified (it is), then I can totally do it. So I'm good to go. Just need data.

Writing is also involved here, as well as conference prep (posters, presentations). So these streams will be a split between data-side and writing-side. I don't expect anyone to really jump into this with me -- although people stopping by will be nice -- but it will keep my process very transparent.

Also, it will be almost completely done in MATLAB (for pre-processing and data visualization) and JASP (for stats). So for us MATLAB folks, you're in luck!

(Sorry my Python crew)

API Roulette

The summer show I'm planning on is similar to #scicode with me and Chris Madan from October 2016 but slightly less entry level and slightly more for-Pythonistas-by-Pythonistas. The concept is to have a handful of Python API that may or or may not be popular (based around data science or data visualization, mostly), randomly select one, and have my coding host for the night code through it while I banter and assist alongside. Think a live coding interview/talk show.

A handful of friends are interested in hosting this with me. I'll shoot for 8 shows through the summer. Will need fun open data to play with and some interesting, preferably "general use" APIs to randomly select from, and a handful of hosts to code with me.

Still working on the show name. API Roulette is most descriptive, but perhaps not the most catchy.

This will of course be Python-based. Again, not geared towards entry level Python folks, but not too far off from what entry level folks end up having to do anyway (learning an API and implementing it from scratch, bugs and all). Ideally, everyone sort of starts off learning and trying out an API in similar ways, regardless of skill level. Then, soon enough, you fall back into your own devices and scale or build your code to fit your project.

On the other side, similar to what we did on #scicode, I'll be talking and discussing various topics with the host and also the audience. It won't be so focused on describing the coding process someone is going through (although, surely there will be some of that). Rather, it will be focused on their work and how they code and random coding-related hot topics. Also, fielding any questions from viewers -- which is always interesting and fun. Think like a call-in radio show, but online, and video streamed, and based around coding.


I'm hoping the group of viewers will visit me in the coming year when I'm streaming, and hopefully I can develop the shows and grow the audience as I start up again in 2017. I'll mostly keep in touch via Twitter, but I'll have longer updates here at True Brain and shorter updates on my Twitch channel. See y'all soon!

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