Other positive comments about live coding that I didn't intend #scicode

Me and Chris Madan have been live coding on Twitch for the last three week. Thus far, it has been a great experience. The last show (which you can watch here) felt really good. It was the first time I watched it back. I had some friends watch it (they missed the live stream) and they had some interesting comments.

The biggest one between all of them was the effect of having it on in the background while they worked on something. They all work on their own (labs, garages, etc.) and sometimes music isn't necessarily what they want on. Some have tried podcasts but then they get into the podcast so they can't really focus so much on their work. Apparently these live coding streams have helped them gain back their coffee shop/library atmosphere. It's apparently podcast-like in more of a talk show sense. However, since it's coding and it isn't necessarily heavy on visual stimulation, and it's dudes talking about code, it's not necessarily something people need to completely tune into. Especially since a large amount of the shows have been debugging.

The time spent doing the debugging or writing or tiny things that aren't necessarily super important to pay attention to have created enough time for people to tune us out. And in my opinion, that's awesome. Although the main purpose of the stream is to show the coding process, if an alternative process is to provide a coffee shop and white noise environment for people then that's also pretty cool.

I remember my mom once talking about soap operas and how she has them on but really only pays close attention maybe once a month just to understand what the story line has changed into and where the show is going. In a weird micro-version of that, the things I've coded up aren't too different -- we know what I'm trying to do, but things sometimes move pretty slowly.

Currently, as I write this, I've been using some late night art streams in the manner others have and it has been a nice change of pace from listening to random chill trap music. I can see why my friends enjoy having some random talk in the background -- and particularly, talk that doesn't necessarily have to make complete sense.

This makes me a little more comfortable with doing solo streams. Maybe I'll start live streaming my sports coding stuff when I'm at home? We'll see.

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