From Start to Finish: What Goes Into a Study -- Day 27



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Day 27: Amendment rejected

As many things go in life, the ideal isn't always the reality. Ideally, I would be scheduling participants right now. In reality, I'm rewriting writing a new protocol for my institutional review board to read. And yes, this will go to 100% full committee reviewal. And yes, I'm expecting another 3 weeks before I can start scheduling participants.

The IRB review process is important, and there is no mistaking the necessary full committee review (since this protocol also includes children), but this particular time may feel a bit different.

The IRB wants the neuroimaging component (the electroencephalography portion of our study) to exist on its own protocol as opposed to amending an EEG component to a current protocol. There are a handful of different reasons for this, but the biggest one is probably the fact that Utah State University's IRB has never actually had an EEG protocol before. They may want to take their time and set a clear precedent for other EEG projects to come in. That's completely reasonable.

I'm just sour because I wanted my project to start before school did -- even if it was only a week before.

I'll have you all know that all of the brand new equipment for the lab came in! I'll take a lot of pics for everyone on Monday.

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