Dispatches from #CNS2016 -- Pre-conference thoughts

These posts are all about the 2016 Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting (or #CNS2016 for short). You can check out all of my posts related to CNS2016 by clicking this link. If you're attending, don't be shy about saying hi! Email |Twitter | LinkedIn | Comment below

CNS in NYC with my largest lab representation yet!

I'm really excited for CNS 2016 because this is the first time my lab -- Kerry Jordan's Multisensory Cognition Lab at Utah State University -- has posters at this conference; let alone, three posters! That's seriously fantastic news to me, and I'm so proud of my RAs who really worked insanely hard on all of these projects -- if you're going, you'll see how much work they've put in (as well as how much work I have put in).

On top of this, I have organized a panel on social media and professional network. I'm very proud of myself for organizing this, and I'm really happy all of my first choice panelists agreed! Although the session itself is a bit short -- 60 mins -- I'm hoping it is beneficial for the conference attendees (and I really hope more than a handful of folks attend).

Lastly, in terms of conference related things, me and Dan Lurie are organizing a tweet-up for all of our NYC science twitter folks! I'm hoping I get to see a good amount of familiar faces.

I'm still in the midsts of organizing my lab's outing -- trying to decide between a cool art museum like The Met or MoMA or the Natural History Museum -- but that will come in time. Also, hoping to find the best eggplant parm in NYC. Suggestions welcomed.

Hoping to meet up with a lot of past CNS attendees and also make a lot of new friends -- don't be shy if you see me, and I'll also try not to be shy. See you all soon!

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