I'm using MyCircadianClock: Finished with intervention, two weeks after intervention

I didn't take snapshots unfortunately -- and because MCC resets charts every weekish, I couldn't go back and grab any. However! I do have stats now that intervention is done:

I started at 185 lbs. At the end of intervention, I was 180 lbs. So that's 6 weeks, dropping 5 lbs. I wasn't the most adherent to the program, but I didn't add or subtract any behaviors. I work out 4 times a week (almost all weightlifting), I eat usually twice a day, and I usually eat mostly meat and veggies (not many carbs/starches).

Now, two weeks after the end of the intervention and program -- and two weeks after holidays and not really working out much -- I've gained 2 lbs back. Not a surprise.

For me, surprisingly, this program worked for weight loss! I lost 5 lbs by setting eating time periods -- just like how the intervention suggests.

However, this program didn't really do much for sleep. Two things really threw a wrench in this: 1) dissertation proposal rush led to all-nighters and 2) all-nighter habits led to bad sleeping behaviors that lasted well-beyond after I submitted my proposal. Leading up to that point, I was sleeping generally in the same time frame -- but I was usually off by 2 hours (the difference of sleeping at midnight and sleeping at 2am is huge when you HAVE to get up at 9am).

I definitely noticed the "grazing" aspect of my life. I still graze-eat. I did last night. I will tonight, too. I think I'll get more serious about eating time periods hopefully next week or the week after -- once school starts, having good habits and a schedule really helps.

The search continues for me and fixing my poor sleep habits without medication. But for a way to drop weight very quickly, limiting your eating window is fantastic and convenient since it doesn't actually seem like you are doing anything different -- no change in food, no change in exercise amount -- but in the end... the results are very surprising. 5 lbs for me. Probably could have been more if I spent the final two weeks adhering completely.

Try it out yourself! Here's the link to the study site.

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