Eating dream food and being not hungry when you wake up

Have you ever had that dream where you and Adam Calhoun are at a barbecue for what I think is a wedding but it's in space, at Space Hawaii? And everyone is having a good time and dressed in tuxedoes and eating all this delicious space barbecue? And it's a three-storied catered party and the only way to get to the other levels is via an elevator that travels at the speed of light? And you eat all this food and want to order more when one of the space waiter/caterers tells you that if you want good Space Hawaiian BBQ, don't go to Space Honolulu because that's the worst of the cities on the worst space island (with apparently the worst space BBQ). So you then go to the third... story(? Level?) of this space BBQ wedding and there's an ENTIRE spread of chocolate cakes and tarts and dessert things that you and Adam Calhoun proceed to eat. Then some space people ask if you're going to some other party and you and Adam Calhoun are like, "wait, will there be more delicious space food?" and they obviously say "Well it's at the Hilton so I'm guessing there will be food" to which you and Adam Calhoun reply "YES." And then you wake up? Ever have that one?

No? Never? Huh.

I woke up from this dream not hungry

My morning during this break begins with me having a tiny, fluffy dog jump on me and start licking and/or scratching my face. This means she wants to begin her day. I most likely have just fallen asleep an hour or so ago. Be that as it may, I feed her and take her for a walk.

After this time, I generally want to feed myself. And if you know anything about me, you should absolutely know that I eat all the time. I'm something between a kitchen sink and a overeater -- just feed me stuff (preferably many, small-plate things) and it's all good. I'm usually never full and always have room to eat.

Today, I wasn't hungry at all. Today, I woke up from this dream about space BBQ and felt absolutely full. As if I just had woken up from third dinner.

So as any scientist would do, when a phenomenon occurs you may want to seek out information on this phenomenon being documented by others -- preferably via peer-reviewed journal article. However, since we are dealing with the world of dreams, I knew I was going to end up with something closer to someone's dumb interpretations and theories that make zero sense and probably do not apply to me...


To be completely honest, I was so excited when the first search result was something similar to what I actually searched for

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 3.51.26 PM

But then I started reading it and I knew I was in trouble when the article started off with

Our dreams about food are speaking to us in a metaphorical language -- that language that we thought in before we learned how to speak

Although I am totally down with speaking an ancient food-based-metaphor language, that's not the language we thought in before we learned how to speak. In fact, metaphors most likely were not available for humans to use until language was well-established.

But anyway, here are some things that the author, Veronica Tonay, had to say about eating in a dream world:

If you're hungry before bed, you are most likely to dream of food.

Wrong -- I ate a giant bowl of garlic pork ramen and had some mint chip cookie dough ice cream before I went to bed and I STILL dreamt about space food!

The more you dream of a food, the less hungry you are in the morning. 

YES THIS IS ME. So why is this true, Veronica?!

People have actually been found to eat and drink less when they've had a really vivid, gratifying dream of eating or drinking.

Cool, so why?

[no sources]

Of course. Damn it...

If you can vividly imagine yourself eating something, you actually want to eat less of it; that's been shown as well.

Um, but I want space BBQ. I want absolutely all the space BBQ. Also, where has this been shown??

[no sources]

JFDKLASJ FFUUUU OKAY. okay. Okay. You're wrong, Veronica. But okay.

Maybe it wasn't a good idea to look into food dreaming mechanisms for why I don't hunger today. So let's try just generally about like... maybe dream interpretation?

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 3.27.41 PM

Hmm. Maybe I'll just go straight to Google Scholar?

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 4.05.43 PM

Well, let's see what Freud has to say about dreaming of food. In Freud's book The Interpretation of Dreams from 1900, he regularly mentions food as a representation of sexual desire or sexuality. This is related to what Freud calls the Id, which is the unconscious, primitive, instinctual urges we feel that have developed and evolved with people since the dawn of humans.

But to be completely honest, this doesn't answer my question still. I'm wondering about why I feel full? I don't care about sexy stuff right now.

Freud mentions reward -- which is specifically related to my entire space level of chocolates and desserts -- and that I am unconsciously rewarding myself for something. I did turn in a draft of a grant. So that's something I'm happy about. But that dream doesn't happen every time I am happy about something -- so I'm calling bullshit.

So I did end up looking at dream interpretation and this is what I found:

To see barbeque food in your dreams is to confirm the fact that you are having happy and relaxed times in your life. You are a social person with lots of friends and life is going on smoothly with nothing to worry about. In some cases, barbeque reflects a minor issue or transformation in your life. [source]

To dream of outer space represents your boundless creativity. Alternatively, the dream may be a metaphor that something or someone has just came out of nowhere. [source]

Delicious dessert in Miller’s dream is considered to be a very auspicious omen. It promises that soon your family will experience peace and harmony. If you enjoy the taste of very sweet dessert, you should refuse the invitation on a party, which you will get in the next couple of days. [source]

If the elevator or escalator is going up, it may indicate that you have risen to a higher level of consciousness; you are seeing things from a higher perspective; your plans or goals are moving ahead; or it may symbolize a raise or promotion. If the elevator or escalator is descending, it may symbolize descending into the unconscious; becoming more grounded; you may be coming back down to reality; or it may signify a setback in your plans. [source

So apparently, I am happy in my life, I have a lot of friends, I am very creative, my family will be happy, I need to say "no thanks" to the next party invite I get, and that I am both at a higher level of consciousness and also descended into unconsciousness.

No mention of being full. I hate pseudoscience. I'm going to eat this bacon sandwich now, though. Just because.

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  1. Jennifer No says:

    I love your postXD It made me laugh a little but it was also pretty interesting since i woke up this morning FULL again XD
    I saw that you majored in Psychology! I want to do that too 🙂 Applying for college in less than 6 months so fingers crossed ......

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