Things I did with my day off


This is probably what people think I'm doing most of the time. IT'S NOT TRUE!

It's a weird day off since I go back to work tomorrow, but here are some things I ended up doing -- making me feel like my life isn't jam packed with research:

1) Slept in until the PM. Hell yes.

2) Read some papers. Okay, that's sort of work related...

3) Cooked food before 5 PM. Wee!

4) Did some work in Python. This was pretty work related.

5) Checked the participant's calendar.

6) Looked at some data in Mondrian.

7) Fiddled around with R.

8) Played guitar for a few minutes! Nice!

9) Drew some stuff on DrawQuest!

10) Drank a beer! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WEEK.

11) Set my alarm for tomorrow's scheduled participant.

12) Read a few more papers.

I guess... it wasn't really different from my other days. I just woke up later and ate earlier.

I did get to play some Minecraft for a few minutes before my game crashed. So yeah, overall net positive I'd say. 4 out of 12 personal things in the day is totally a net positive. Don't judge my math.

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