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How demoralizing is a blowout loss in the playoffs?

Sports media has a fascination with "demoralizing losses" or blowout losses that also have some sort of psychological or physical carryover effect into the next game. The Golden State Warriors were thrashed by the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday night in Game 3 of their

I'm using MyCircadianClock: Baseline days

A recent study from Satchin Panda's lab has shown that if you restrict people to specific hours of eating -- and not changing what they eat at all -- people lose weight. The results stated a 20% reduction in calories -- which is sort of

Bayes strikes again (sort of): Psych journal bans p-values and NHST

The journal Basic and Applied Social Psychology has stated a "ban" on p-values. The specific rules for publication are: p-values and classic null hypothesis significance testing (NHST) procedures are deemed to be inadequate and are to be replaced with rigorous descriptive statistics and effect sizes.

Zero determinant strategy for people who can't math good

I myself cannot math. But social dilemma strategies, such as the new set of "extortion" or zero determinant strategies outlined by Press & Dyson's 2012 article (open access here!), are generally chalk-full of equations that take some time to sift through if you aren't a

Bayes Factors for Dummies

Kevin Boone has a great introduction to Bayesian statistics with some very simple examples to begin to comprehend how Bayesian statistics are calculated. But, as he notes, it is only scratching the surface of how to apply Bayesian stats. Currently, people report Bayesian statistics in

Bayesian Repeated Measures ANOVA: What n do you use?

Bayesian statistics are interesting as they give credence to the idea that stats can be interpretable and statistically meaningful without having to do post-hoc corrections and analyses. Two papers (and one review), one from Masson (2011) and one from Wagenmakers (2007) (with a nice review of